Our Commitment

Trusted Natural Baby Care

Bambi's product range that can be found in various outlets throughout Indonesia includes: telon oil, eucalyptus oil, baby powder, rash cream, mosquito lotion, hair lotion, shampoo, baby cologne, baby oil, hair & bathing body, and talcum powder.

Each product must be clinically tested, so it is safe to use for babies. In addition, the typical content of each product has good benefits for the baby, for example, the content of Allantoin, Vitamin E and DP-Irrigation in Bambi Hair Lotion products. Allatoin works to broadcast light skin due to mild irritation in infants, while Vitamin E, is useful for treating hair so that it is smooth, combed and looks shiny. While Irgasan-DP is an anti-bacterial substance to prevent itching on the scalp. This product has also passed hypoallergenic & dermatology tests so that it is safe and does not cause consideration on the baby's skin.

This is the case with Bambi Hair & Body Bathing which is practically used for bathing and shampooing, also has Pro Vitamin B5, Licorice & Chamomile Extract which is useful for protecting baby's skin and helps irritate coolies and does not hurt the eyes. With a pH balance and P-7 conditioner and Vitamin E, this product is very good for keeping baby's skin and hair moist and smooth and not wrinkled. Bambi Rambut & Tubuh Mandi is bright yellow and elegant.

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